I surveyed several consultants in independent practice a few years ago. The participants were experienced consultants asked to reflect on significant moments in the past five years that accelerated their success. I asked for their insights on key decisions made that enabled them to achieve their goals and measures of success since then.

One key theme that emerged was how important it was for the consultant to be independent. They relished the opportunity to pursue the application of psychology that leveraged their talents, fueled their passions and elevated their impact. It was clear that each of them- all of us- wanted an avenue that allowed us to place our signature on what we did.

It was also apparent that success involved an important blend of independence and interdependence. “It gets lonely doing this alone!” “I miss opportunities to collaborate with others.” And just like the shoemaker’s children need shoes too, the consultant needs a bit of consulting and coaching as well!

I have had the privilege of having and using valuable co-workers and colleagues over the years. I have also had the honor of providing mentoring and peer support to emerging career professionals and experienced ones. What makes it work for me and for them is that I am committed to learning by sharing. As you launch your journey as an independent consultant, as you encounter expected and unexpected waters along the way, as you work to get objective feedback about what is working and what is not working, and as you work to define your signature in this business and on your mission, who can you engage?

Consultant2Consultant. We can be better together. Let me know if I can be a resource to you.

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