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Dr. Greg Pennington of Pennpoint Consulting Group giving a presentation at a conferenceAs a speaker, I challenge and equip you to use practical and engaging applications of psychology to accelerate individual, team, and organization development and effectiveness utilizing ALL your diverse resources. I offer a variety of speaking engagements for your needs.

My areas of expertise include diversity, leadership, coaching, psychology, teamwork/team building, and motivation.

Whether your event is virtual or in-person, I can craft a unique experience for specific target group of employees (e.g.high potentials, women, People of Color), a team of executive leaders, or thousands of attendees at your next conference.

I have devoted my career to partnering with individuals and organizations to increase their effectiveness. I combine psychology, the pursuit of personal passions, identifying practical choices, and the impact of intentional effort to drive leaders to accelerate and elevate their effectiveness.

I draw out personal stories, pushing leaders to gain new insights to move forward and address lingering habits that interfere with growth.

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Interactive Leadership Development and DEI Speaker

Executive Coaching | Leadership Effectiveness | Team Effectiveness Accelerators | Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion | Workshops, Presentations, and Speaking Engagements

You need a speaker who will work directly with the unique members of your team to accelerate and elevate the skills they need to succeed. Whether your event is a virtual meeting of thousands or exclusive training for senior Leadership, I can craft a one-of-a-kind experience catered to your organization’s exact needs.

Watch Greg in Action:

Book Greg Pennington as a Speaker Dr Greg Pennington speaking at an event

Interested in booking Dr. Greg Pennington as a speaker at your next event?

  • Travels From: Georgia, USA
  • Price Range: $5,000 – $10,000 (on-site and/or virtual)
  • Espeakers Certifications & Awards: Certified Virtual Presenter
  • Career: 22 Years
  • Events in 2022: 10 Events

Contact Greg via:

404-800-5307 (Office) | 770-807-4695 (Direct)

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Virtual Speaker Example

Guest Panelist at the 2021 APA Conference

Recording of the virtual Annual American Psychological Association Conference 2021, titled “Enhancing Organizational Influence and Impact with Strategic Focus and Cultural Agility.”

Speakers included:

  • Bill Berman, Ph.D. ABPP (Clinical), FAPA, Author of “Influence and Impact” (2021)
  • Ben Dattner, Ph.D. Founder, Dattner Consulting, Author, Harvard Business Review contributor
  • Greg Pennington, Ph.D. Founder, Pennpoint Consulting Group, Author of “Your Leadership Signature” (2019), Expert in DEI
  • Randy White, Ph.D., ABPP, FAPA, Author, International thought leader in executive coaching, APA Board of Directors

Podcast Guest Example

How to Know Consulting is Right for You: SCP Podcast

Gregory Pennington, Ph.D. sat down with NaTasha Jordan, Ph.D. to discuss how to know if consulting is the right career path for you.

The SCP Society of Consulting Psychology has a podcast to highlight the field of Consulting Psychology, distinguished members, and the amazing work they do day in and day out as practitioners, coaches, and consultants. Listen and watch the podcast below.

Part of the American Psychological Association

Program Information for Speaking Engagements

Differences Make a Difference. Can You Handle That?

Differences matter. We are surrounded by and perpetuate implicit and explicit biases, all of which influence our expectations, interpretations, and behaviors.

Initiating genuine conversations about keys to success including how they differ from one group to another is essential to increasing the effectiveness of leveraging differences when they add value and managing them when they can interfere with relationships and performance.

This session engages participants to share real examples that illustrate frustrations, insights, and intentions. It facilitates identifying specific steps to take as leader/peer/consultant/coach to sharpen awareness of differences and to increase options for how to intervene.

PC|G’s D&I Sight© tool provides a proven outline for how to manage the dynamics of differences increasing your effectiveness as a consultant/coach, leader/team member, and accelerating the effectiveness of your client, team, and organization.

You can expect to laugh, be pushed out of your comfort zone, and challenge yourself to do at least one thing differently in order to make a difference.

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Your Leadership Signature

Based on my book of the same title, this presentation engages participants in specific pathways to mapping their personal pursuit of influence and impact. Whether an early career professional or senior executive, accelerating and elevating leadership effectiveness is enhanced when we intentionally find ways to see options, drive for results, and increase the capabilities of others.

This workshop/presentation pushes participants to draw on their own experiences to look for themes and behaviors that enable them to influence others and impact results in ways that are efficient, effective, and authentic for them.

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Mirrors, Crystal Balls, and Sharp Edges – Three Things You Can Do That Will Make a Difference

Look in the mirror. What do you really see?

Look ahead but don’t forget to look behind. Make a decision and cut to the chase!

Based on sound research and practical application, this session will challenge your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors to understand how to get to “your” next level.

The steps to change your behavior and push to the next level are easy to identify. The challenge is how you fight against applying them. Of course, you need feedback, but if you only look in mirrors that flatter you, you remain stuck. Some say see it and believe it and you will achieve it.

What do you do with the research that says the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior? Of all the things you could do, how do you make the decision about the few things that make the most difference?

This presentation will provide practical steps to move you forward. You can expect to laugh, be pushed, and challenge yourself to do at least one thing differently in order to make a difference.

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Drawing Out the Best in You – Using Your Passion to Pursue Your Excellence

There is evidence to support that when we get to use our strengths each day we are more productive, engaged, and likely to stay!

How do your passion pursuits contribute to those strengths? Using my passions of drawing and Judo, I push participants to uncover, discover, embrace and integrate their personal passions into their professional pursuits. I share my drawings and lessons learned from over 50 years of studying judo as illustrations of how they contribute to my growth and effectiveness in managing others, building collaboration, and accelerating the development of individuals, teams, and organizations.

Drawing on the science, practice, and power of authenticity, I encourage the audience to find ways to tell their story, to use their gifts, to discover their “why”, and to enjoy the stories and passions of others.

This session will challenge your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors to understand how to get to “your” next level. It will provide practical steps to move you forward.

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What if Bias Keeps You from Being Effective? Increasing Influence in Difficult Contexts

Chapter from Influence and Impact: Discover and Excel at What Your Organization Needs from You the Most by Bill Berman and George Bradt

Do organizations discriminate? Yes. Individuals and leaders do so as well.

Is it against you? Perhaps.

If there is a need to make a choice between one person and another, you have to somehow identify a difference and make a decision. If you are working to reach a higher level in an organization, there are fewer opportunities than there are candidates, and decision-makers have to discriminate between one candidate and another.

The question would not be whether or why discriminate, it would be why me? Why us? Why now? It is important to recognize that there is a need for an organization to make decisions that differentiate one choice from another. It is also important to recognize that discriminating between individuals and groups is different than discriminating against a person or a group.

Read the full chapter here.

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About Greg Pennington, Ph.D.

Greg Pennington, Ph.D. is Managing Partner for Pennpoint Consulting Group (PC|G), a firm focused on increasing organizational capacity and capability. We work with leaders and organizations who want to accelerate their effectiveness.

In the process, we often elevate their effectiveness to another level. At PC|G we provide executive coaching, team effectiveness, and leadership development programs and presentations to Fortune 500 companies and national professional associations.

We always focus on fully utilizing all your diverse resources.

As a trusted advisor, he provides insight into how the organization, the team, and the individual interactions result in measurable changes in behavior. Experienced with several assessment instruments and feedback tools, he focuses on integrating a variety of inputs to identify a few critical areas of focus for development.

He challenges his clients to expand the way they think and feel, and to generate options for behaviors and consequences. Always offered in the context of the business, his success requires a partnership with several resources including senior business leaders and human resources professionals. It also requires realistic goals that can be demonstrated with measurable evidence of achievement.

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