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Recent Publication: Your Leadership Signature

Mapping Your Personal Pursuit of Influence or Impact

Accelerating your development and effectiveness as a leader is a personal journey.

Your leadership signature by Greg Pennington PhD book

Part workbook, part journal, part autobiographical, Your Leadership Signature, provokes your thinking as you integrate what you have read about leadership with what you have experienced, using a pathway to guide you to define what makes you the most effective leader you can be.

Learn more about my book, read reviews, and explore the path to your own unique leadership signature here.

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Featured Blog Post: “Empathy?

Empathy text post

“It took an 8 min 46 sec video of George Floyd’s death to turn the light on long-standing challenges of race and social justice.

We challenged ourselves, others, and organizations to recognize what was happening, to understand its origins and impact, and after taking a deep breath…to do something that would make a difference.

We stumbled and fumbled to have difficult conversations. We sought ways to provide safe space, to do more listening, to show we genuinely cared, and, for some, to carefully acknowledge they could never understand what it was like to be Black…” (continue reading here).