Our clients, individuals, teams, and organizations, are looking for ways to increase their effectiveness. Sometimes they are clear about their current situation and desired goals. Sometimes they are able to accurately identify problems and opportunities. Sometimes they understand the costs and benefits of changing or not. Sometimes they are clear about strategies, initiatives, and approaches to implement. Often times we partner with them to add value in all of these areas. Most often we provide solution driven services that include Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Team Effectiveness Accelerators, and Workshops, Presentations and Speaking Engagements.

Executive Coaching

Representative examples include:

  • Facilitating the integration of a new leader into an established team, increasing the range and impact of his leadership styles and continuing to drive for higher standards of performance
  • Supporting the shift in focus of a leader from hands-on, approach to more effective delegation in order to increase productivity, drive development of direct reports, and provide opportunities for more strategic value from the leader
  • Pushing a high potential VP to recognize how their hard charging style and other behaviors may interfere with their success at the next level

Leadership Development

Representative examples include:

  • Designing and delivering program to cascade new leadership competencies to each level of senior leadership
  • Providing individual and team coaching to high potential leaders in action learning programs
  • Designing and delivering accelerated leadership development programs for global company focused on increasing women leadership

Team Effectiveness Accelerators

Representative examples include:

  • Facilitating the integration of teams post merger to achieve mission alignment, and strategy execution
  • Increasing clarity and consistency of senior leadership team expectations to achieve sustainable top-tier performance
  • Building commitments to must-win battles, and shared accountabilities in a competitive and changing business environment

Publications, Workshops, Presentations and Speaking Engagements

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Representative examples include:

  • “Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives: Don’t waste my time”, Consulting Psychology Conference, Savannah, 2018
  • “Breaking into Consulting”, American Psychological Association Convention, Washington DC, 2017
  • “Managing complexities of differences”, Church’s Women’s Forum, Atlanta, 2016
  • “Were I Pygmalion or John Legend: Dilemmas in Consulting”, Society of Consulting Psychology, Presidential Address, American Psychological Association Convention, Denver, 2016
  • Leadership Development, Panelist, A Better Chance/Morgan Stanley, Atlanta, 2016
  • “Accelerating Leadership Development: Identifying difference makers”, National Association of African Americans in Human Resources (NAAAHR) Convention, Atlanta, 2016