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Launched in 2012, Pennpoint Consulting Group has been a trusted source for global companies and organizations seeking to accelerate and elevate their leadership effectiveness. Managing Partner Dr. Greg Pennington invites you to celebrate 10 years of PCG.


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Let’s Be Real

We have been encouraged to be authentic, to bring our whole selves, to be who we are. In our pursuit to be more effective leaders, we are invited to show the courage to be vulnerable. We should be willing to leave our own signature, footprint, fingerprint, and scent on what we do.

Let’s be real and realistic. There are both rewards and risks to be considered in doing this and there are ways to manage and leverage both.

Consider the following three suggestions…

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Diversity and Inclusion: How far have we come? How far can we go?

I wrote and submitted my article for this issue before George Floyd whispered his final “I can’t breathe”. Some say our world suddenly changed. Some say not really. I thought and others suggested that I should look at what I said in May and consider how it might be different now.

Around the world, people protested and counter-protested the killing of George Floyd. I added “et al” to his name because the list of murdered Black Americans increased steadily after George Floyd was able to say “I love you Momma” and say one last time “I can’t breathe”. Equally sobering is remembering and uncovering how long the list is of those who died before him and since him.

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Knock, Knock. Who’s There?

In a peer coaching circle of director-level participants in a financial services organization, one member raised the question about how to increase their credibility and presence when they entered a room with senior-level executives. They were actively working to influence a career acceleration point.

One member of the coaching circle responded by asking, “when you knocked on the door, did they know who you were?”

Knocking on the door is not an uncommon metaphor for succession planning and the progression of high potentials and high performers to the next level and/or increased levels of responsibility.

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Drawing Out The Best in You: A Metaphor for Coaching

Coaching involves a blend of modesty and confidence. There are those instances of confidence when a coach asserts they can assess others with a handshake or one critical question and then drive them to change lifelong behaviors by dangling a well-crafted “what’s in it for you” challenge.

There are also those instances of modesty like using a Bic pen. I know a few things and am genuinely curious about many more but I don’t know it all. I have a few answers but I need to ask several questions before I know if any of them are of benefit to you.

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A Preview of Leadership: What’s Your Story

Leadership can be defined as the intentional exercise of influence on others. Your leadership style, your leadership signature, is a journey shaped by moments large and small.

Some have obvious significance in the midst of their unfolding. Some are more subtle in their implications and previews of what type of leader you will become.

If you were asked to turn to an early and vivid memory of your leadership journey, what would that be and what would it have foretold?

One of mine involves a playground swing.

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Your Leadership Signature

Your leadership signature by Greg Pennington PhD bookPart workbook, part journal, part autobiographical, Your Leadership Signature, provokes your thinking as you integrate what you have read about leadership with what you have experienced, using a pathway to guide you to define what makes you the most effective leader you can be.

If you were asked to turn to an early and vivid memory of your leadership journey, what would that be and what would it have foretold?

This interactive workbook helps you answer this question and more.

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Speaking Engagements

Over the past decade, Dr. Greg Pennington has appeared at many virtual and in-person conferences, meetings, and trainings. Whether the event rallied thousands of professionals or just a handful of C-Level executives, PCG has aided a multitude of organizations across a range of industries to accelerate and elevate their leadership effectiveness.

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Pennpoint Consulting Group has been honored to work with incredible companies over the past decade, including:

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African American Leadership Alliance Milwaukee, American Psychological Association, Anthem Health, Association for Education and Journalism in Mass Communication (AEJMC)Association of Indian PsychologistsBlack Rock, Case Western Reserve University, Christiana Care, Churchs’, Cisco, Citi, Columbia Trust, Comcast, Cox Auto, Fiserv, Georgia Board of Regents, gHSmart, Huber, IAspire, Johnson Controls, Lead21Manpower, Mauser Packaging, Miller Coors (now Molson Coors)Molecular Templates, Morgan Stanley, National African American Insurance Association (NAAIA), NCCI, NY State Psychological Association, Omnimax, Pearson Learning North America, PepsiRegent Peak Wealth Advisors, ServiceNowSouthern Company Gas, Southwest AirlinesStaples, Thurgood Marshall College Fund- Hennessy FellowsVerizon, VHA National Center for Organizational Development (VHA-NCOD)